Thursday, January 22, 2009

Faux Painting is Fun!

Anyone can faux paint the trick is having some consistency and a little bit of patience.

First don't attempt anything too ambitious, you'll see alot of stuff on the internet that sounds easy but the application isn't. But remember you can always paint over it.

The easiest faux of all is with the sponge rollers, but instead of the larger ones I like to use the 6" rollers. They give a finer detail and less globby. Try working on a sample piece of cardboard. Take two similar colors like a cream and light coffee in two separate trays. Using the one roller, with some old newspapers on the side to blot your roller.

If you're covering a dark, bold color I'd suggest painting or priming the surface prior to your faux application. Otherwise; if you've a light colored wall that is either flat or eggshell begin with the darker of the two colors, and begin rolling after you've first blotter some of the excess onto the newspaper print. Rolling vigoursly in all directions, along edges you can use either a small sponge and/or a 2" chip brush to randomly dot the perimeter.

Secondly, after completing one wall with the one darker color, at about 60 to 70% coverage/saturation leaving some of the original wall color showing through, start over with the lighter color with the same roller, and don't wash it out! alternate between colors using both paint trays.

Again roll vigorously in all directions and remember to blot your edges as you go along. As you get better you might even try a third color combination using a metallic such as gold but every so slightly; using only the slight edge of the roller and very lightly in diagonal direction, hit and miss.

Have fun!

see: for more examples of fun finishes.

Vaughn Bresheare

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